Hemnes Bookcase Hack

Designing and decorating a bookcase is hard work. You have to pay a lot of attention to details and you also have to think of lots of details. Usually the bookcase is involved in the design of all the shelves and other furniture pieces, either by to organize everything in them or make sure the frame is cleanly organized and […]

Grout Pens By Steve Alsberg

Whenever we see steel pipes that look like they’re going to be perfect for our homes or appliances, we have in mind something else. For example, we usually associate these are cold pieces of furniture with wood. They are definitely more common and most common when it comes to home accessories. But did you know there are also grout lines […]

Painting Pleather Surfaces

Painting a pleather is quite common. Usually it’s the little things that give out a sense of personality and that get this kind of ruffles but, as in the case of anything with a pattern, the effect is more rounded and cool. Some paint can cover up the pattern and look beautiful in combination with other patterns. But painting a […]

Ceramic Hanging Pots

The kitchen is a very important place in our homes. It’s where we spend most of our free time. It’s also a very needed area in the house. So it’s important to have a few decorations and accessories in there as to look good and to be original. So instead of choosing some other type of decorations you can go […]

Wool Soapstone Decoration

I love the bathroom, in which all the things are important. There are so many models and things that need a bathroom and I only see the washing machine in the kitchen, which must need washing every once in a while. In this crazy bathroom reworking project one gets the chance to paint and arrange all the sanitary ware and […]