Lofted Bed Shelf

If you’re thinking of taking a trip or you simply want to buy several different bedside lamps, you might have a few inconveniences that we don’t consider even before that, such as glare and heat for example. However, there are ways to deal with this problem. You could fold the bedside lamp inwards, adjusting the room temperature and you could […]

Coat Hook Spacing From Hook Shape

The coat hanger is an must-have in any home. However, choosing between the practicality and practical hook sizes or hook size just doesn’t seem right. The coat hanger doesn’t exactly solve the storage problem. But this only makes it more difficult to find the item you want in stores. Nevertheless, finding the item you were looking for without all the […]

Tiny Tubs For Tiny Kids

If we just take a peak into the bathroom you might notice that there’s a very a small number of items that a kid needs. Whether or not you’re sure a little kid gets enough space to comfortable be alone, they also don’t have a closet, a bed, or even a room for laying their toys inside. So what toys […]

Osb Furniture And Stairs Designed By Jturfi

The new furniture collection from Italian company Jarchitettura focuses on dualism, with a multi-layered surface in pure white to harmonise the minimalist geometry. The white background balanced by the graphite grey-green of the furniture pieces leads the eye across the room, from floor to ceiling – without taking away from its modern white canvas, which brings this dualist aesthetic to […]

Walmart Closet Shelf

Cubicles are so useful and also very helpful in the closet, as you can use them when you need a certain piece of furniture or when you want to organize things inside your room. If you use a cube than you will have the chance of creating some useful shelving system, adapted for your purposes. For example I used the […]

Refinishing Wood Dressers

The story of this wood dresser is very charming. After it was sawed off it had a very beautiful rustic and charming look but it still needed to be kept because it needed to be restored. After being cut in four rectangular pieces, this detail also allowed its original appearance. The three carved cross legs were carefully carved and then […]

Long Tension Rod Storage Wood Bench

Another one of my favourite designs. This bench is a great way to repurpose a wooden table or to simply put your laptop on it to save space and clear the space for other items. Regardless of the dimensions or details, the bench was designed to perfectly fit on a shelf next to the bed. cmoting is a very simple […]