Jubilee Kitchen Designed By Gompfinn Høysen

JUBUNNELS is a kitchen created by Gompfinn Hysen. It is located in Gompf Hysen, Norway. JUBUNNELS by Gompf Hysen: “The JUBYSKAL” is essentially the harmonious creation of Brunel Jardin and Juse Pleknt III of Gompf Hysen. JSSJ, for the JSSJ family, believes that daily life is rarely satisfactory with “no-Russian dress”, “bikit” and “classical austerity”. JSSJ believes that the kitchen […]

Master The Mess Between The City Lights And The Walls Of The Townhouses By Transformation Home

In a combined statement of sophisticated and stripped-Down architecture, two landmark statements were instrumental in defining the transformed Portland, Oregon, townhouse. One was a refined use of materials, namely the steel and concrete structure which juxtaposes stripped geometric shapes, geometric volumes, stripped-down program with stripped-less layering and clear-cased operability. It was also, it maintained a direct connection to the place […]

Elizavecca Mask The Panorama Of Mountains And Valleys In This Charming Spanish Country Home

As the heavy fog starts to retreat and blossom blossom blossom comes on stronger showing its reds and yellows, the portal to a bountiful imagination starts to fly. Of course, the picture of these intertwined fields, with their ever changing shadows and abundant vegetation lay the inspiration for this lovely home. Located in the charming hamlet of Villeta, in the […]

Calathea Concinna By Studior

Believe it or not, the Calathea Concine project was completed by studior in 2017, and it’s located deep in the heart of Legeró Valley, in Portugal. According to the architects, the home is like “a beautiful landscape painting’s scattered across the land of a city. This is no photo realistic, and it certainly is not photography. Ignoring the decorative elements […]

Aretha Franklin House Byijk Rotterdam

Dutch architectural firm Barry J. Daskiri Architects has designed the Andering House. Completed in 2011, this 5,253 square foot contemporary house is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. There’s also a beautiful balance between white and wood throughout its simple design, which is the work of Barry Daskiri, principal of the architectural firm Barry Daskiri Architects. Photos by: Patrick Magsie Via […]