Clawfoot Tub Refinish By Jan Ligaitou

An attractive luxury in Netherlands, Knoll en repeats the style of European ship’s life.With contemporary furniture and bathtub, it can be more luxurious and looks like a real ship’s sail.In fact, its huge glass flapping on the banks of the Eiffel in Amsterdam. It is a luxury addition to a residence destined to be a real luxury addition to the […]

Soothing Desktop Backgrounds From Kare Design – Collections From The World’s Most Distinguished Design Brands

We have all in our radius brilliant minds – there are people with all different domains, varying degrees of activity and also their way of thinking. We are driven to improve the quality and life of our employees. Whether were working from home or in an office to inspire ideas and inspire ones, it’s always nice to be able to […]

Dresser Makeover Of A Victorian House

It is amazing how hot designs can benefit the structure and the ambience of a building. The renovation of an old house is desirable these days, but the Victorian townhouses and apartment buildings look better with a makeover, especially if the surface of the house has been improved. That is why it is the moment when most people consider giving […]

Balcony Trellis By Peter C. Sellar

Wondler family has created this trellis outside of Sydney, Australia. They designed this stone patio for their clients in 2012 and it covers an area of 2900 square feet. Wondler Family Retreat in Sydney, Australia by Peter Sellar: “Wondler family for whom uplifting and inventive this next project is our response to a double frontage. Having lived in a penthouse […]

Apartment Open House By A-cero

Spanish studio A-cero has recently completed the interior of this apartment open house project. The project concerned the refurbishment of an apartment that was designed as a single-family house. One of the main desires of this project was to take advantage of the relatively small (1385 sq ft) area and to maximize the usability of space. The disposal resulting from […]

Flea Bombing Apartment By 2-Arq

This experimental project is a shipping container, located in LoHiún, Lisbon, Portugal, and has an interior that has been built upon objects from the actual building that were influenced by the container’s size. This project, though peculiar in its use of a small size, is actually a modern space organizer, with white walls and a light bed platform, which gives […]