Sticky Tac-cubo Kids Trunk

In a kids room the décor needs to be fun, hopefully colorful and fun but without neglecting the little ones. The toys are a big part of the collection and so are the decorations. One problem with having a kid’s room is that it’s not functional. But there’s also a minus the storage necessary for keeping toys in there. This […]

Friends Couch Pivot Bench

Every little thing, every detail tells us something about the other person and their preferences. You might be surprised to find out that the person you hug, your partner or with whom you spend time in the room may not be the type that likes to be surrounded by furniture around them. Misery inspires love, happiness and trust. When Sorbonne […]

Kardiel Furniture Review

The idea is that a home should be both market-based and desirable. Someone has to be able to sell and make the house attractive by offering certain criteria. In that case, the décor should be somewhat similar to market-based and the buyers should also have a strong sense of taste. This is usually the case with nursery rooms. The first […]

Couch For Kids

When little kids are playing it, it’s a great idea to create a special soft surface that, besides being fun, is also friendly. Indeed, children find comfort about their little bodies and the fact that they can play on a soft surface also makes them more curious than their parents. This is why a soft surface, that is less likely […]

Mersman End Table

For those who love vintage pieces of furniture or even for furniture that they have collected over the years, it is not difficult to find a nice and original home for them. But every once in a while, they like something new and want to transform it into something new. And if they have a nice home, it is not […]

Ceramic Dolls And Furniture To Prove It

Do you have some dolls that you consider to be lovely but don’t have a use for something else? Kids are so curious that when they first see these dolls and find out they immediately turn their head towards something unusual. It’s a lot more annoying than enjoying a dolls’ doll and immediately return to their room because there’s no […]

Cushion Making Collection From Shou-saka

Cushion making is very important for the family. Probably the best thing you can do for your kid is to make something useful for it. So you can use the cushion that he’ll need whenever you close the door and make something for his room. If you want a funny present for him, you could make a funny cushion that […]