Refrigerator Bin

Use the inside out as storage for all your tiny items, or recycle it and make it a great fit for the kitchen. It’s clever and very practical and it’s made of food scale. This food bin can hold all your kitchen items and they all stay there without wasting. It’s made of natural bamboo that has been certified by […]

Bungalo Kitchen With DIY Island And Table

This is the bongolo kitchen and it’s a very beautiful and very elegant piece of furniture. The great thing about this piece is that is offers you the possibility to choose from a variety of sizes. You can have a comfortable grill, or you can opt for a more casual version that offers the best of both worlds. You get […]

Boring Videos Featuring The Pantry

Just because a piece of kitchen furniture is the result of some unfortunate event does not mean it should be thrown away. Why should it when it is a piece of furniture that pulls value from its surroundings, brings instant color and freshness to the whole place. That being said, let’s take a look at some smart kitchen furniture that […]

Shallow Cabinets With A Rectangular Shape And A Minimalist Design

Shallow cabinets, even though they might seem very simple and delicate, are not always the case. These functional spaces often lack character. But if you have the space for it, then it’s something unique and unique. Today we come with a different concept that proves simplicity and practicality can coexist is style. Today we’re presenting you a very interesting kitchen […]

Noel Wells Feet The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

When you’re living in a house, the kitchen is usually the part of the living room that needs to be in contact with nature. Still, this doesn’t mean you have to use appliances. There longs a very strong connection with the outdoors. For example, take a look at this kitchen. It uses natural materials like wood and stone and lots […]

Indoor Outdoor Kitchen By Biglar Design

When you say outdoor you usually think of outdoors spaces, most especially at the summer season. This is the ideal definition of a dry season. It’s also the best time to have your outdoor spaces dry out just like you would on a freshly snowed place. That means it’s time to do some entertaining around your home, plus it also […]

Foldable Dish Rack

When it comes to dishes and small items, the more we think about them the more they become more interesting and fascinating. It’s not a big problem actually. We can all make decorative dishes out of small plastic containers, bottles, cans or other similar containers. The only problem is that if you find one that will do the trick, you […]

Olive Oil Stain Top A Fun And Funky Color Combo

Olive and turquoise are two colors that go really well together. They both make beautiful combinations, especially if they’re used together. This is a combo that, combined, creates a very fun and funky color combo for the home. Here are some examples of how you can use these two colors in the same décor. Let’s see how you could transform […]