Art Nouveau Peacock-themed Kitchen

The bird theme is extremely popular as it’s both nature and modern meaning. Modern and sustainable-looking houses, holiday homes and even offices use this symbol all year long. The peacock is also a symbol of style, of simplicity and style, both of which are not affected by the disturbing story that starts with the peacock. Nevertheless, there’s something very unique […]

Small Countertops In Green

There are quite a few variations of kitchens, more specifically in terms of designs and being designed so it’s almost impossible to guess what’s possible. This is a modern kitchen designed in general around strong contrasts and bright contrasts in terms of colors and finishes and especially in combination with light tones. Here are some of the elements that usually […]

Color Kitchen Island From Miele

Swiss company Miele has created a new series called “The Miele Espania” which looks like a simple but very practical and functional kitchen island. It features straight angles and an undulated structure made from wood, as a matter of fact, the apparently opposite. However, it looks so very clean and sharp. The Miele Espania kitchen island, at itself, is a […]

Stepmom Kitchen Update

Even though this year the family just moved out of town for NY’s condo this wasn’t the only thing that surprised me. As soon as we met each other’s home address we both was surprised by the freshness and joy brought along by new features. I have my hall table turned and I can’t wait to start creating my kitchen. […]

80s Design Fun – Kitchen Update

The kitchen is a space that needs to find new styles. It needs to be modern and that means taking into consideration the existing furniture, accessories and decorations. If you want to achieve that you’ll have to do it yourself. So we present you today a really ingenious project which shows you how you can transform the kitchen into an […]