Ikea Sconces By Joanna Roche

The Scandinavian habit of building wooden houses and also sometimes of making them face towards different directions for their façade seems to be reflected in the way designers choose to decorate them. Let’s see how Zwarte and Joanna Roche have opted to interpret this concept in some unusual and beautiful ways. The beautiful thing about them is that they like […]

Emerald Green Paint Planter

It’s summer now and this is the time of year when we all spend most of the time outdoors, just a few days a year or maybe too many times. This sounds natural but it doesn’t mean us only consider this period of the year. Let’s take a look at the beautiful spring outdoor setting that you can admire. It […]

Midwestern Sayings By Morukawa

Japan is well known for its beautiful landscape and for the extremely beautiful and tranquil surroundings it has to offer. But there are some valleys and some mountains that are not as beautiful as they seem in winter as they are during summer but they still offer spectacular views and they offer beautiful and panoramic views. The perfect image is […]

Costco Succulents Wall Garden

The succulents that surround me don`t always make me aware of their true beauty. But after I saw this cool wall garden I realized that they exist, even though their initial design wasn’t perfect. The wall is made entirely of recycled plastic spoons and this might make it difficult for you to find a good way to display the succulents, […]

Capiz Shell Garden And Terrarium By Simpkis

Simpkis offers a wonderful range of multipurpose spaces, for different users and optimal experience. Nothing compares to a wonderfully decorated space, like this one dedicated to birds. The ambiance is very pleasant and the environment is very attractive. The nice thing about this space is that the space is wide open and it offers all sorts of ways of enjoying […]