Capiz Shell Garden And Terrarium By Simpkis

Simpkis offers a wonderful range of multipurpose spaces, for different users and optimal experience. Nothing compares to a wonderfully decorated space, like this one dedicated to birds. The ambiance is very pleasant and the environment is very attractive. The nice thing about this space is that the space is wide open and it offers all sorts of ways of enjoying […]

Philodendron In Water By Eeka

A year and a half ago the guys from Eeka got into the ground searching for some water craft products. And after some time they decided to create this nice “article” of water adorning the daily usage of their customers. They wanted something innovative and original and them got a piece of work of art in the house and a […]

Crispy Wave Fern Grass Swing Set

Named after the Japanese “River bergs”, this fun and interesting set is a must-have for any kid’s playground. It’s called the wave family because the first two versions were based on the same basic shapes and elements. The second version, a tribute to the first design. The set is very fun and it features a friendly look, both playful and […]