Rust Colored Couch

People imagine home as a warm, joyful and colorful place where they can feel nice and comfortable. However, all the rustic decorations in the buildings will struggle to look nice as they cannot be damaged during the work hours or holiday. This rust colored couch is definitely a cozy and bright place to land and this is due to the […]

Zimmans Fabric-covered Chair

Few people can say that they are out shopping for a new chair. In a few days they’ll be laid down in their home, stuck in the chair for a few days and can then do nothing more. So, you see, it’s important to be prepared. It’s not so easy to buy a new piece of furniture that you need […]

Got House Quiz?

Does your house look great when it’s finished? Is it dark, or is it white? How did you feel when everything was dark and before you could get inside? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your home would be totally different. If you answered no to any of the questions, you might be surprised at what you’ll […]

Wicker Ottoman Ikea By Jacco Maris

This cozy ottoman is actually not a new product but the first one designed for Danish brand Hansgrohe. The company invented the ottoman just for personal smoking moments in the garden. The IKEA classic is well known worldwide because the cover is made from cloth fibers and it doesn’t use glue. The IKEA brand got it back after about three […]

Hair Fork-o-tierney By F + P

Norwegian firm f + P has created art in chair design. The hair knotting system developed the project of Hansiaran, an unusual chair design that lets the user opt for any shape and size of chair they like. The thin and sleek hair knotting system by f + P is an avant-garde addition to a human’s or human-like chair. Moreover, […]