Aromatique Candles Fromcarboninebride

Carol is a very beautiful and interesting decoration that you can find in many cultures. It’s one of the most popular decorative items in the world due to its appeal. But usually people choose to create their own versions. Here’s a very beautiful and elegant example of how you can do that. It’s actually more than a simple candle holder.

The beauty of this candle holder comes from the original design. Still, it doesn’t go unnoticed. The candle holder is made of wood that was sculpted with intricate designs by artisans from Portugal. The wood was then cut into smaller pieces and screwed in place. The candle holder will hold up two candles, candle and blender. It’s very functional and it looks beautiful in the same time. It can also be a very nice decorative piece, a great addition to the dining room table.

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The wooden part was painted and decorative. The candle holder is attached to the wooden slices and the candles are held somewhere above the candle holders. The design is very interesting. I have to be honest about this piece very soon. It looks interesting and unusual because it is not usually the most appropriate shaped for a candle holder. But it doesn’t need one to be so functional.Available for $14.

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