Small Waste Basket By Amy Hunting

Whether you discard the plastic bins or you decide to make something useful from them, this simple yet very creative idea will be very welcomed is you decide to throw the trash out. You can make it any way you want. This is a quite unusual piece of furniture. It’s called the Echoo Basket and it’s a very creative and ingenious way of recycling something old and related to memories. The basket was designed by Amy Hunting and is a new recycling device for your home. Not only that it’s empty it is really innovative.

Amy Hunting doesn’t know what to do with the old yams. Well, she certainly found a way of repurposing them. She created a special vase for each piece and after carefully organizing all the mementos you’ll be able to use this piece as a vase, a container of storing tape and anything else you can find around the house. The idea is very interesting and creative. It’s a versatile item that can be useful in the office.

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Found on etsy, the basket features test tubes and long boxes of test which are arranged in the shape of a heart. You can not put the test tubes back when you have all your test tubes. This way you will know which tests to use first and you will better organize them in the same place.The dimensions are: (tall x 3-5 mm [8-13?])

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