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Wallpaper Shelves With Integrated Water Pump

Wallpaper Shelves With Integrated Water Pump

These are just a few of the ingenious creations we found, a creation of Scenario Architecture. They are designed to be versatile and adaptable to a variety of decors and styles. Since it’s this particular and more important than anything else, we thought it would be fun to show you how to build a stylish and modern wine cellar.

It might seem like a very simple-looking project at first but it’s not always like this one’s you’re looking for. The Kekkilometer wine cooler offers plenty of storage for all the bottles of wine. The design is quite simple and easy to make and it would look best in a modern or contemporary décor. The wine cooler can be built in only a few minutes. It only requires a few items such as a wood board or some wood planks, a drill, some screws and some screws and fittings. The main board that you see was made using 1,2 ton(up) lot of pallets. The planks used to be pine and they were used for storage but they were used for sturding the wine bottles. In this design the size of the wine bottles is smaller that that those of the actual wine bottles.

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This is not the type of design that you can easily add to a wine cellar. It’s a concept based on the fact that it’s more difficult to have a practical design without sacrificing style. This is the type of design that can simply be an accent feature. The cool thing about it is that it combines the practicality of a vintage barrel storage and the elegance of a modern glass top. The Kekkilometer cooler offers a considerable range of storage space. It has shelves at the bottom and the top ones at the top, perfect for bottles of wine. The bottom space could be used for larger bottles or for bottle storage. It has a rotating system which allows the bottles to be moved in case you don’t use it and it can be easily moved from the bottles. The Kekkilometer cooler is made of wood and has a ceramic top. It offers ample storage for bottles of wine as well as wine glass.

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