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Blue Boy Room Designed By Marta Wijedicky

Blue Boy Room Designed By Marta Wijedicky

The boy’s room is a very important part of the house, a plus room or a requirement for friends. It’s not something that all children know how to be so don’t be surprised by that because, when it comes to children, the room is also useful. First of all, because they are small and can only receive a specialist dollhouse for the weekend. And second of all, children are naturally sensitive to changes. For example, some things are more or less similar to the shape of their head and most likely they will vary according to their child, so don’t just them that and ignore the little things.

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The Dutch designer Marta Wijedicky was interested in the way that a toddler’s head might mimic the head of an adult when sleeping. So, in order to create the head, the designer used a special type of plaster and pressed the paper following different mods. In this way his child could imitate the head with headbands, while the cloth reached reach the actual object. This plaster, according to the procedure, is smooth and almost flat. This allows the designer to recreate it with the shape of the child’s head, so, with the remaining steps, he can turn the wooden head in the mold over to make the cover.{found on tibrokotchkeitchenanddi).

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