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Coffee Cup Display In The Kitchen

Coffee Cup Display In The Kitchen

Everyone has a cupboard somewhere when they visited someone. Usually, a cupboard is a hidden feature. It’s not very practical when there’s not much you can hide there and it takes everyone through the stack. However, the cupboard will be a very useful and nice display area for accessories like souvenirs, memorabilia or anything else. So here’s a very clever idea.

The main idea is to have a cupboard in the kitchen where you can store all sorts of items. And since we’re talking on a small scale, let’s see what it takes to create a cupboard. First you need to arrange jars and store some of them in an upright position. Next, feel free to add some nails and spittings on the cupboard. The interior is your choice of wood as you like. It will be up to you to decide if you want to use it for storage or just to make it look cool and unique.{found on bruncon}.

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