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Hemnes Bookcase Hack

Hemnes Bookcase Hack

Designing and decorating a bookcase is hard work. You have to pay a lot of attention to details and you also have to think of lots of details. Usually the bookcase is involved in the design of all the shelves and other furniture pieces, either by to organize everything in them or make sure the frame is cleanly organized and also to be able to identify the items you want to store there. Today we’re here to show you a very simple yet very effective hack, one that couldn’t be done by any other designer.

The bookcase hack refers to the transformation of old wooden bookcases to mount on the wall and showcase books and other décor elements. The idea is quite poetic actually. It’s a way of expressing your creativity and a way of showing that you like design without getting your work done. All you need is some imagination and that’s about it.

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The bookcase supports your spine and you don’t even have to remove the shelves or to install drawers because they hold the bookcase. The bottom half should be completely empty. So basically, if the bookcase isn’t already empty, just add another step. Then create a small stand by attaching three wooden dowel rods, three legs and a curtain and that’s all. The stand can also be sued for other items such as personal keys, a new air plant or another decorative piece.{found on designsponge}.

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