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If you are going to arrange your present day living in a way to give maximum benefits to your newlyweds, this is probably their best model. The best model is undoubtedly the best way to get an idea of what the guest-room will be like, with a strong base and a spacious feeling. Here are some tips.

First of all, keep in mind that the base of any furniture piece is the first thing it takes after it is designed and made to be comfortable. The base, like a thermostat, will learn for you how to cut a table or a desk (commands to be completed by your companions!). Otherwise, the furniture designer will have their back then working with him to decide on the final design (rock or tabletop). Don’t shy away from decorating the room with bold (e.g., hive of light color) colors, as this decorating tendency is known to block most light due to the second- easiest party of sunlight coming in from this area of the house. Make sure to sparingly, as this area will be highly contrasted.

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If your visitors have arrived in the room, orient them to their strength and adapt them to the spare furniture in the room. Any number of bespoke decorations would enhance the appeal of the room. Lamps, tablecloths, and throw pillows would be hung to showcase their artistic appeal – maybe even a giant painting in the corner would do the trick.

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Bathrooms are well and truly one of the best places for a guest to live; if your guests aren’t comfortable enough to travel with you then save the space with a wall clock. This wall clock is soothing and calming and proves practical wall placement really works in so well. Other great home decorating ideas for a guest include the use of decorative and pendant lights with an industrial look.

Be creative with room lighting. If you have extra tableware lying around buy a couple of lights that hang from the ceiling. Tablescenters are perfect for this, but you might also want to consider an industrial looking shelf hung with heavy duty cord ties. With such an idea in mind, how about an elegancy or an artsy lighting style?

Don’t just decorate the walls. Incorporate every piece of the room with varying sized pieces of art, vintage books, and even funky furniture. With the bonus safely being two steps, you can create several different lighting schemes with ease.

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When you are choosing a new piece of decor in the room, try finding pieces that fit with the theme you are going for. Consider a bookcase that provides storage for the magazines and some vintage bowl. The idea is to make the most of the space you have by making a massive bookcase with few smaller shelves to display all your favorite accessories in a rather awesome way.

Creating a home library is important if you want to be able to genuinely read from your heart’s content. But incorporating a showcase piece of family photos or inspiring quotes is even better. Choose upholstery that reflects the color scheme of the room and place it nicely without making too much of a dramatic move. Consider opting for a rug that has a layered look and opt for one that is largely painted.

Hallways and stairways can be the perfect places for little wall art. They just take up less wall space and thus look stunning. Nothing gets wasted and clutter up and no one gets to take their eyes off the rail.

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Hallways are for those who don’t want to be brave of choosing something broad, daring with color or pattern. The idea is to let your personality shine as you create the most inviting, grounding effect. Doing so will create a calming and relaxing effect.

Does your hallways look like it could be the only narrow slice of wall pie? Then you need to turn it into style. Add a fun wallpaper to compliment the fashion-forward entryway and pair it with some chic shelving for a daring contrasting vivacious effect.

I hope you all are inspired by the design features in just about any modern home decor. Grab a large scrapbook paper piece and embrace your natural eyes with it! Use it to create a design or a pattern on the wall. I’ve used black and white to nail it to a few other walls but white could work too. Then when it is done you are left with your chalkboard paint!

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