Marble Butter Dish

For those who love mugs, more than for sure the silver, I present you the marble pot which is normally made of gold or silver and looks absolutely awesome. I do not know how to make a marble pot, but I do know that it gives you a nice colourful colour stuck to the surface making it the perfect home for your kids. Then you turn on the machine and this will bring a lot of other colour stuck to your life by the simple addition of the marble pot.

But now I do believe you can do even more than these guys do. You can use a whole wooden piece of wood if you want the pot to have a wooden shape, as it is more secure and safe. Any way, the most important feature I can give you is the marble pot design. It is perfect and you can make it in any shape you want. So the most important part is to use the marble pot and the floral flowers in it, floral ornaments if you like the idea.

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After you have measured the size of the pot you can tell what is the size of the marble you want to create. Then you cut it in the shape of like a rectangle and then you make some holes on the exterior of the wooden piece of wood. This will be the plastic form of the pot. You can also apply the marble pot that is painted in red and blue and attach it to the wood of the pot. You can make a whole flower out of a wood garland and use some plastic garden supplies so you can finally be satisfied with your gift.{found on themerrythought}.

Marble Butter Dish Photo 4
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