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Paint Window Trim

Paint Window Trim

Shelves are not meant to only be functional storage containers. They are often used as display spaces for small items or things that you don’t like such as a laptop or a small lamp. But lately window trims have become more and more useful as we have our homes to recycle and match with our architecture. However, such trims can also be sued as decorations on the walls. For example this attractive and colorful window trim is great for all the time destinations.

You might not think it’s a very practical thing to have on the walls of your home, but this is exactly what it is: a paint window trim. It’s amazing how much you can change interior décor and design using these trims, not even the furniture that is usually used in this room. In this particularly room, the trims are extremely useful and they give character to the space without even having to change anything about them.

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There are a lot of benefits for using trims as accent colors and not only during the day. For example, a very bright and saturated color can make a dark and moody space feel intimidating so using trims in this way is a great way to avoid that problem. They provide character and sophistication in a subtle and cold way.

You can also use trims to spice up a traditional shelving system by using a set of grays that used to be the common color most likely to a certain style. If the store is featuring dark colored trims or if you already have a material that stands out, the result can be quite dramatic. It’s fun and it’s inexpensive. You can create stripes of dark gray stained wood onto the wall and you can stain the trim yourself with a permanent effect.{pictures from bhg}.

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Another effective way of turning trays into wall art is by painting them. Cut out the squares and transfer the design to the back of the tray. Then pour some paint on each tray and one portion should be painted using a different color.{found on alidaandlindsay}.

Chalkboards or other wall decals can also be an interesting and fun idea. You could make custom labels for each tray or you could just cover one wall with chalkboard paint. You could make the labels for the trays and you can also draw or write on them depending on the occasion you want to give them a focal point.{found on craftandcreativity}.

Similarly, you could make custom magnets to use as decorations and mount magnets to walls or to spread wire on. You can spray paint them and then mount them on the fridge or anywhere else you want.{found on site}.

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These paper plate magnets are cute and simple to make as well. All you need is round pictures frames, metallic copper paint, scissors and hot glue. Start by painting the frames together and then lining up the magnets in between.{found on elsarblog}.

A magnetic wall clock might be useful if you’re the type that likes numbers and calendar systems. The supplies needed include cardboard, clear vinyl, a pen, glue and gold glitter. Find a sturdy and simple frame you’re using, cut out the numbers, measure the number in the desired area and glue the numbers on. Add the clock to the living room wall.{found on curbly}.

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