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Shoe Storage Hacks And Ideas

Shoe Storage Hacks And Ideas

If you’re looking for a simple and very practical way of storing your shoes then you should consider replacing the old and common shelves with some useful and creative ideas. It will solve your storage problems and your problems. There are lots of designs and options you could choose from. Some of them are simple and nice, others more colorful and fun. Of course, if you don’t like the way your shelves look like and you would like to change that, just go ahead and order a new one.

Since shelves have become a must-have in any home, serving pieces of furniture, you might as well make it look interesting. For example, you can use a piece of wood cut into two parts. You can just as well make a beautiful coat rack and put hooks and cubes in its place. You can also take a plain and simple chair and put a shelf or two in its place. The result will always be better. Let’s take a look at some inspiring ideas.

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Here’s a kitchen with several separate shelves. you can basically arrange them any way you want. One way would be to integrate the large unit into the kitchen island or even into a bar. Another way would be to use several individual shelves and to create a base for several smaller items. Moreover, if the shelves are designed perfectly, they could be very useful in the kitchen.

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A similar idea would be to opt for several small shelves, one of which could be used as a storage unit for things like spice jars, small cups, etc. Another options would be to integrate the shelves into a system. For example, you could create a wall-mounted cabinet. You can use the shelves to store your kitchen utensils, small appliances, dishes and all sorts of other items. The idea is ingenious and very versatile.

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This is a closet that is both practical and roomy. The idea is to have multiple small shelving units that can be placed basically everywhere, both near the window and just out on the porch. They can be used as book shelves for the office, as storage for gloves, scarves and other small things and also as walkways. Each unit can hold multiple items and the shelves can be connected to the edge of a stone or concrete block. It’s a great idea, especially for big closets that would naturally have to be reinforced in some way.

Even apartments are space-efficient and versatile. For example, the kitchen could be quite small and can have a wall-mounted unit for the workspace. The counter could be more than that and the unit would serve as a display area for things like measuring sticks, dishes, pottery bowls, cups and sponges. You could also use the surface as a serving cart for vegetables.

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