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Infinity Pool Houston With Terraces And Louvered Roofs

Infinity Pool Houston With Terraces And Louvered Roofs

McClellan Architects have designed a gorgeous private pool houston that will be a beauty in its own right. This project will pleasantly accommodate two persons on three but a larger family is in order so that the additional guests can enjoy the wonderful views of the water. The upper level of this ergonomic designed house consists of a living space, a dining room, a wet bar, a circular lawn, a circular lawn, a cantilevered hearth, and a bow passé.

The ergonomic design of the hacienda consists of a building clad in copper and timber, and a wooden deck, which also accommodates services and a cellar. The main living space has an elevated position and overlooks the water. The living space and the curved roof incorporate built-in barbecue, so they can also be used for resting. The outdoor kitchen is a semi-enclosed space, where the BBQ ØSG system, blowers, and various other utilities are deployed.

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The curved roofs in light copper and black shades also help retain heat to the interior. An air source heat pump helps heating the indoor rooms without heating the air. Solar panels and mirror polished, high performance glazing round out the green design of the residence. “

Photos by: Serena L. Mindlock and Daniel Van Dort, Olivers Reudler & Pieter Kuhkel
Source: Contemporist

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