Cb2 Go Cart Is A Multipurpose Piece Of Furniture For The Living Room

Cb2 Go Cart Is A Multipurpose Piece Of Furniture For The Living Room

Whenever you need some extra storage space for your home, a simple solution would be to add a simple cart to the mix. The mid-century modern cabinet is one such piece of furniture that was especially designed to make your needs complete. It can serve as a multipurpose piece of furniture. The containers are not provided with leg slots so additional, custom made ones can be created.

The canal shape, if chosen correctly will help you organize the items you need. For example, this unit has a storage space left for bottles and potted plants. The unit is available in three different sizes. This is the large version, now available in three colors: wood grey, brushed gold, and 30K white. The neutral tone of the wood will help it blend into the room. The neutral tone of the cabinet is 1.5? tall, with the lower part being the wine rack. The top and the handles are 5.25? tall with the handles being 18? long. The unit is made from engineered particle board and has a medium-density fiberboard.

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The two larger units on the left side of the unit are available in either wood or fiberboard and the smaller one has only 1.95” high. However, the top only has 18” of top and the lowest part 23”.so you can also choose to attach the handles to the side. Because the arms are placed at different heights, this allows you to easily manipulate the whole unit and not have to worry about the handles moving or getting knocked off. The materials and design give it a modern look that it adorns. The legs have a matte black powder coating so they can take very little time to assemble. The faucet is also made from fiberglass. Overall, this a very beautiful and impressive piece of furniture that would easily fit in any modern or contemporary home.

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