Modern Dog Crate By Marjan Van Aubel

Modern Dog Crate By Marjan Van Aubel

Australian designer Marjan van Aubel has created a series of contemporary pet furniture projects. You can find inspiration here from Homedit, since this is a coffee table and storage unit for a standard modern home. This is the DIY dog crate, and it’s a design that seems pretty simple, but functional and sturdy.

The legs that support these structures represent two handpeltted dogs, one for the dog and the other one for the cat. What’s also interesting is the system created under the structure, where the bottom layer is the transparent backrest when you open it up and let the light pass through. The interesting system is described in detail on diyfunideas.

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This is also a dog bed, less colorful, and a piece that perfectly fits under a house structure, giving the user the sensation of living inside. But the interesting thing is that you actually get to tap on the dog like he’s been living there. The frame is made of steel, so it’s pretty easy to build without any tools. And there are also some other interesting elements about this dog bed, like the angle at which the cushions are placed, the angle at which the door is opened, the color, the shape, the size, the wood, and the fact that you can use it to raise your dog (or cat) so you can get up there comfortably to nap or play and so the owner would have a change of environment.

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It’s a smart idea, I admit. It’s not a piece that’s always static. It’s also not very safe. But you have to be careful to choose a dog bed that has the right size, shape, and size, even on a tiny piece. I mean consider yourself a danger and a good dog bed.

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