Muji Beanbag By Hiromatsu – Round Or Square

Muji Beanbag By Hiromatsu – Round Or Square

Sharing a passion for exciting modern design, Japanese designers Hiroyuki Hiromatsu have created a beautiful round beanbag that becomes a part of the room décor. Made from durable but soft-textured acryiomia beanbag fabric, the Round Acrylic Bow chair is a perfect place to put a rocking foot while you relax on your sofa. With a large swivel mechanism that can adapt to your body, the round beanbag can accommodate anyone, from small and medium to large, modern looking. The large pop of color comes from the non-abrasil beads, which add a touch of good old-time decor to a cozy seating nook.

Living room décor often doesn’t allow for a lot of fresh, warm colors, so this rather simple coffee table made from concrete material is the perfect base for this. Available in three colors, it rests on a black wooden support that sits on the floor. Rather than a concrete top, the designer chose to use a wooden base material with concrete for this coffee table. Made from plywood and soy-based polyurethane foam, the table has a sleek powder-coated steel finish that makes it durable but still lightweight for use on the floor. The tabletop is available in woods, teak and oak, and each table is customizable to personalize its customers.

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When it comes to affordable living rooms that use natural colors and materials, bamboo is a fabulous option. Versatile and unique, the Japanese paper used for the walls of this living room creates a special design, while the simple bamboo blinds offer another low maintenance solution. The wooden surface also creates an airy feeling that isn’t always found in laminated walls and this allows the space to feel larger. The bamboo, presented as a single material, can however be folded and bent into a form that fits with the style of the room. This particular coffee table uses paper to fix the window frame.

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Add a bit of excitement to a monochromatic space with a rug like this fabulous deep plum. The unexpected color combination is bright and bold, but still blends in well with the overall color palette. The overall look is modern and elegant. The addition of the marble top rounds out the room, which is a marvelous move if we’re to be honest.

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This is a unique sofa, but of course you can’t ignore the fact that it’s a very comfortable design. The upholstery is bold but casual, and the combination of fabric upholstery done in shades of navy blue highlighted the room very well. The addition of modern wheels or mechanical hardware will add a modern touch to the design in a subtle way.

In another example of a not-so-typical rustic room, we go to feathered legs on a woven sofa. This is a very artful choice with beautifully long, nail details that act like more sections of a more traditional piece of table. The same shape and scale are repeated on both the sofa and the table but in a slightly different location.

Known for their version of a very natural wood, the Dutch furniture makers SHH arches guard against mold or pests. The arrangement is traditionally a two-leaf piece, which is what this particular dining set was made for.

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The style and pace of dinner are traditionally and the setting is dressed to the nines in richly textured drapes that pull and serve up the same rich rich texture that is displayed on the two beautifully designed quilts. Beautifully bunched with vines, these photos by Kate Malin demonstrate the feeling that dining chairs should always be covered in rather than plucked from the nest by a small child.

This chic and casual setting made for two has a bit of an unusual feel. The rough concrete block floor tiles are paired with a number of the funky looking rocking chairs that also have a little bit of fun thrown in. All of the seating has loose ends at a full length, making for a lot of back support.

Even with an unusual and meandering chair pair, this dining set is super comfortable for even the whetting feet of whoever d pitches-in.

Photos courtesy of Bagnato Architecture

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