Wall Shelf Cabinet

Wall Shelf Cabinet

Cubicles are just functional shapes that do not allow you to just reach them. They are empty now, but you can use them there if you have a small home. And, to tell you the thing, they are perfect for a cube, too, so you will just have to figure out what shape is perfect for your cube. Any way,Cubix is back, ready to make you come back for a bigger version of your brother’s kitchen. This wall shelf cabinet is very special and is made of laminated wood. That means it can be designed as two cubical box doors with shelves inside. If you want to reach the back of the cube you need to attach two screws and this will bring stability to the cube.

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What is really amazing about this shelf cabinet is the fact that you can use it to store small objects like keys, small books or anything else you might find there. The cube also has another special place for storing boxes, files and other things you might need there. The cabinet is available in two versions: cast aluminum and chrome, depending on your wish. The minimalist design of the shelf cabinet is perfect and the simple black and white combination will not be forgotten and will surely keep you always happy in your work. Apart from the two cubes that are available, you also get two shelves for the cord and cord free style shelf.

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In order to increase your storage space as well as to avoid having to reach the back wall in a clumsy way, this chic shelf cabinet is molded in aluminum material and finished in black. The shape without internal doors and the finish can only be described as white laminate with black accents. Perfect for modern living rooms, the cubes come in different sizes and can be purchased together with some of your personal items.

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