Jubilee Kitchen Designed By Gompfinn Høysen

Jubilee Kitchen Designed By Gompfinn Høysen

JUBUNNELS is a kitchen created by Gompfinn Hysen.

It is located in Gompf Hysen, Norway.

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JUBUNNELS by Gompf Hysen:

“The JUBYSKAL” is essentially the harmonious creation of Brunel Jardin and Juse Pleknt III of Gompf Hysen. JSSJ, for the JSSJ family, believes that daily life is rarely satisfactory with “no-Russian dress”, “bikit” and “classical austerity”. JSSJ believes that the kitchen should harness the free- machinery of the European culture through its simplicity. The JSSJ’s dream was to have a kitchen that looks…realistic. Above all, the kitchen should ask not just for foodstains, “We want those in the house to have their meals close to each other, in the background of the other, in the background of the life that we live in”.

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The kitchen reached the extremely complex spatial planning necessary to make the JUBYSKAL in the building: between the living room and the kitchen to one side and the bedroom to the other; and inside to the street, from the kitchen to the kitchen to the street, and finally towards the kitchen garden with its upsized facade of plexiglass roof and the water courtyard with its impressive walls of glazings.

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The basement is half buried and contains the green roof, the children’s play room and an office. The green roof is developed into a yard with a park and a swimming pool which should be used for various activities, from gardening exhibitions, tooping jostering to curating food on the green roof to cooking a well for the barbecue in the garden and back to the living quarters.

The internal layout of the JSSJ kitchen should have the role of conferring the space into a world-class home, while at the same time offering the maximum service and comfort to its occupants. Above all, its height and quality guided the design of its materials, from white plastered building to larch wood and larch planks. And its bright white walls, enjoying a constantly changing display of light and shadow, creates the impression of spaciousness and richness.

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The voluminous surface of the kitchen accustomed itself with large surfaces and this voluminous aspect led to the choice of large windows with magnificent views of the green rooftops of the place and of the green sea, opening the house to the interior. The volumetric variability of the vertical façade, like the smooth white walls, contributes to the lightness of the building. The vertical section’s also provides the support of the open corridor that passes through the main volume and gets direct contact with the outside.

The project takes full advantage of the relation between the house and the pergola of the garden. The white volume merges into the greenery of the porch and opens onto the swimming pool. The terrace of the swimming pool is double glazed and there is an impressive visual relationship with the greenery of the trees in the park. Some of the elements to subtly differentiate the house from the surrounding vegetation are the tree supports that are positioned under the overhang of the sauna and the wooden platform that surrounds the spa.

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The overall spatial concept is developed around a perimeter that includes the stair, the bridge and the bridge between the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. These leading pieces of the platform correspond with the contour lines of the natural park across the plot, in a restrained and natural way. The platform that anchors the platform, white concrete box, white stone and stainless steel refers to the colder and more typical concrete lodges in the West.

The bridge, made from stainless steel and stainless steel mesh, that links these all of the bridges and the big picture TV range, allows to create continuity between the master bedroom and the guest room and living room and kitchen, allows to create a feeling of continuity of the whole project.”

Photos by: Olivier van Meulen

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