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Dresser As Nightstand…

Dresser As Nightstand…

Does the bedroom always look better than in its bare concrete minimalism? Just because a piece of furniture has drawers, bedside tables, or closet organizers, doesn’t mean all the pieces are destined towards cubitioning. But this Belarus headboard has a very well-defined purpose, though it conceals many extra functions as well. On the contrary, the dresser can provide extra storage and also consolidate reading coasters. The result: a chic piece of clothingoire in every sense of the word.

REVOIT is a piece designed by Kristina Lastin and Lucie M Maxim, and it’s named as a ReVOIT Dresser. The concept: a convertible suitcases repositioned to serve as a dresser. Their design is classic and innovative, yet maintains a very pure palette. The clean lines illustrate love and passion, combined with a practicality that is discovered by the well-thought-out details. The result: a chic dresser made out of parts of several original pieces that share many attributes.

ReVOIT is a very compact unit made out of parts of several original pieces. It may seem boxy from an exterior design point but its interior design is actually quite spacious. Each piece is made from blackened mahogany and white leather. The drawers are positioned vertically on the box and the wheels lock it in place. All the other movable pieces can then be removed and used as drawers. The dresser ends in a round shape which contrasts with the clean silhouette of the bottom drawer. It can be closed by a sliding door.{found on kristwithville}.

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Depending on the designs and fittings one displays on a piece of furniture, the floor can feature a variety of zig-zag patterns or straight lines. Another option is to install panels of different colors or to use different panels along the walls. Another idea is to occupy one of the walls with tiles that have similar patterns and colors.

The herringbone pattern is also a way to make a bed more comfortable. Keep in mind that something as simple as this will work more than you can count. Also, for a chic look, mix and match two contrasting colors for a nice balance.

The herringbone pattern is actually repeated in the design of dressers, on the floor and the walls. It’s a classical design and it suits a variety of decors. The result is a modern look with a few rustic details that recreate the past.{found on farrowarcarodesign}.

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Industrial-style dressers such as this one are more versatile. They can look interesting in a lot of different spaces, especially the work areas. The design also suits a certain type of décor but also looks nice when complemented by a modern-industrial light fixture.

A set of three or more light fixtures can make your bedroom look more than just beautiful. This bedroom for example has a beautiful central light fixture that emphasizes the hanging bed and the area rug with its delicate nuance.

This bedroom has more than just the basic bed which makes that piece the center of attention. There are also other features to be analyze, such as the wallpaper, the accent pillows and the chandelier.

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In general, there are many ways to obtain modern and unique pieces of furniture for your home. You can use a hammer, nails and chails, steel eye hooks, pocket springs, pocket springs and wooden trays. Notice the accent lighting and the way these pieces emphasize the overall décor of the room.

The doors make a really nice combo and so does the rug. They can contrast with one another or complement each other, being perfect if the rest of the décor is shared between them.

This is a room that puts together rustic and contemporary elements. The colors are obviously different but there are also similarities between them. The worn steel panels add a unique texture to the décor.{found on platemark}.

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