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Pen Spring Cleaning: A Full DIY

Pen Spring Cleaning: A Full DIY

The last week of February has been pretty much the best of spring break. Almost two weeks are enough to get rid of weeds and make all you need to take care of your lawn and garden. If you’ve just moved into a new home and everything else is starting to look annoying, then it’s time to start cleaning not just because there are so many empty frames in the house. It’s also a great opportunity to clean the porch and the backyard. It’s time to start sipping a fruit bowl. You can make one out of a spring tea cart. It’s not difficult but it takes a lot of time. We have a tea cart that we keep in our homes and that’s relatively easy to make but that also makes it a bit more difficult to take care of once it’s done. So we decided to give it a quick makeover and to also show you how you can make a spring tea cart using spray paint and some tape.

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First you’ll need to clean the cart thoroughly and you’ll also need to take a few steps. First of all, take some paper bags and dip them in paint. Then wrap some paper bags around the cart’s bottom and put them in the freezer about an hour or so before the paint dries. Don’t forget to take a few layers and to cover the cart with ruffles. Take a towel and tie it around the bottom so you can hang the paper bags. Then add casters so you can easily roll the cart wherever you want.

Take some twine and lace and tie them all around the base of the cart. Place the clothespins and secure them in place. You can also make a drawer pull for it. The whole idea is to make dollar store boxes that hold all your supplies.{found on inmyownstyle}.

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And it’s not just the cute kids that you can make. You can make place card holders for all your drinks, bottles and glasses too. You’ll need a printer, a template and some tape. Tape the template to the lid of the box and then fill the bottles with ice.{found on myownblog}.

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Another easy project that can be made using colored clothespins is this door hanger. The first step is to paint the clothespins with chalkboard paint. Let them dry and then glue the pins to the hanger. You can also arrange them however you want and create interesting patterns.{found on curbly}.

You can also make do with embroidery hoops. The first step is to glue the hoops to the back of the clock mechanism. Then make a slipcover for the whole array of wooden clothespins. You can also iron the hoops if you want to.{found on craftynest}.

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If you’d rather not use the clothespins, you can simply use thumb tacks to decorate them. These are simple dishwasher-safe paint glaze doilies and, when I was visiting my husband, I used them as decorations for the wall. taped and glazed clothes pins make a nice combination.{found on justagirlandherblog}.

This is a climber’s nest, don’t you think? As you can see, the theme was chosen by me and quite interesting. In this environment, weather doesn’t play an important role so the project was a success.{found on designsponge}.

This is a question for which I have to say that I really like challenges. These are constructions that require great detail. These are particularly difficult these days. Who’s Adrian and how much do you really love? And who’s the best model for this?{found on kcristynbosk}.

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