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Belgian Interior Design By Dinnier Schumboltz

Belgian Interior Design By Dinnier Schumboltz

We all know that people love to travel, to visit exotic places, to spend long periods of time all over the globe and many more times before they die. Traveling makes them feel like something out of a story. It offers you the chance to feel like a part of the next generation, to see the world from a different point of view and enjoy every moment with all the family and friends around. The time spent in villas and resorts, in hotels and in the main park of the city they have become part of life and must endure.

The interior of this hotel is modern and inviting, designed by Dinnier Schumboltz.

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The spaces are spacious, designed perfectly and characterized by straight lines and use of generally light colors, such as white, combined with tones of grey. Here, the glass facades offer great views of the neighboring buildings and of the stars, which are always spectacular.

It is located on the upper floor of a new tower in New York and was designed by the firm of partners Dinnier + Schultel. We can say because we see through the glass a set of cozy spaces, made from comfortable carpetsed with soft tones, but also by laminated bamboo panels.

The stairs are also dressed up as vertical gardens. On the ground floor the rooms take advantage of the space and there is an extra carved steel wall which makes it look like it is overlooking the city.

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