Hopen Ikea Shop In Vasatan, Gothenburg, Sweden

We all know that sports is most popular among people nowadays and for good reason. We also know those sports transformations that need to subliminally be made for our children so that we can enjoy them for ten or twenty years. The task is also challenging and the task with essence demands creativity. However, if we step back and only when we actually do find the necessary resources for each step, then we can really build a wonderful structure with the overall theme of family home. In addition, the renovation is very cheap and simple.

It is the case of this very special shop that was built inside what used to be an old shop in Gothenburg. Transforming old in an old building into brand new structure was one of the main challenges of the project. But the solution was quite simple and easy to understand. The old shop was located in the center of the city and had an old skeleton that definitely needed deconstructed. The designers simply added some wooden floors, new walls and ceiling to make it a more modern and safe project. The old walls were for sure completely torn down and there is no trace of life inside the old skeleton. The new floors and ceilings are present in almost every room and give a bright and airy decor to the area, especially in the living room.

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The color palette chosen for the new place is very warm and mostly neutral. It was made the goal of creating a space full of light and that was achieved by using very strong and sparkling colors such as neon and emeralds. Most of the furniture is vintage pieces for a more vintage feel, colored and clear glass.

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