Ikea White Paint Is Such A Clever And Practical Product

Ikea White Paint Is Such A Clever And Practical Product

A lot of older houses use this system to give ideas about how we can extend the living space. For example, an apartment with an area of 37 square meters which are normally not enough to be transformed into a great house or a great garden can be transformed by a wonderful oak wall, just like the designer has managed to make a great project called OieBello.This oak wall can be arranged and arranged in many different designs. It creates a spectacular backdrop perfect for highlighting interesting pieces of furniture or contrasting elements.

All these pieces of furniture are extremely comfortable. They are also upholstered and soft, very cozy and comfortable. The interior is also amazing. The walls, the ceilings and even the floors are painted in light blue color, creating a never ending line of color and bringing a new touch to the place.

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The most amazing piece of furniture are the bookshelves that basically comprise the entire apartment. They have that beautiful console table that you would imagine a house with and a splendid bookcase one could only imagine in Milan. Moreover, the walls are completely white and so is the furniture. The balcony makes you feel like a starhole and the white walls, the blue furniture and the minimalist cave and labyrinth walls that seem to dominate every space of this apartment. The balcony walls are almost the same and it all began to make sense one the moment you see them.

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Of course, there are other ways of making things easier. For example, the bedroom walls can be painted in a bright and colorful color. The pillows are a simple and yet extremely beautiful feature and the oak floor gives the room an inviting look. The furniture is simple and comfortable,, with clean lines and with stylish details.{found on 1st Option and 2nd category}.

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