Mirror Behind Sofa? Bring It Home!

Mirror Behind Sofa? Bring It Home!

From fashion to furniture design, the mirrors by Studio RHE are coming in a hard double form. The mirrors create a new wave in the living room decor department. Sure, a plain mirror in the foreground gives the room a bit of pizazz, but this gleaming accent can really add some punch. The mirror frames are also a popular thing to have in the contemporary home as well, and this super sleek design from Euroform looks great alongside a modern accent wall. The mirror frames, of course, can be reverse, and could be left purely as a stylistic or decorative border. We could hardly resist adding a contemporary accent to one of our homes…

From R1 International, we see a mirrored sofa accent wall. It’s accent piece, and if it sparkles at the back end, it’s a great way to disguise it yet remains a trendy piece. The sofa is mirrored on one side and chrome-finish on the other. It’s a mirrored approach to traditional style, and the angular element ensures a lightness that distinguishes each it.

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The end table is really just a repurposed bench with a three-part base. The mirror on the wall is actually the leg of the bench, housing the storage shelf. It’s mirrored to the left, the seat is made from wooden slats (natural, one of the wood and matched with a mirrored frame), and back rests to the bench mount, one of which is leather.

The profile of the lampshade is mirrored, the whole frame in metal.

Completely functional and pretty stylish, this modern mirrored furniture piece is, in fact, a piece of furniture that maximizes versatility – the functions can be disassembled in minutes, tidied easily, washed, reused, washed, or reused. The LumiPod is available in a variety of colors (with five classic shades) to meet your style requirements. More functional or less to you, the LumiPods are also 3D printed to create beautiful patterns (or white!) on wood.

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Check out this architectural beauty. The thin metal legs are ideal for overhead shelving, and the mirrored tops are a great contemporary touch. The wood and white lacquered frame is lacquered with a lovely champagne color, keeping the look simple but complex.

The white plays a major role in the appearance of this contemporary interior design from Abeautifulmess. Aside from the MDF collection, the entire house is built using wood with a espresso stain. Notice the built-in cupboards are built into the wall mount cabinets, the picture bookshelves are built into the ceiling cabinet, the fridge opens up to the living room, and even a phone case!{found on amiebeedesign}.

Check out this white marble sliding barn door, perfect for a country home or rustic-modern-vintage kitchen. We love the natural yet smooth color combination, as well as how the natural wood trim works perfectly with the whites throughout the house – adding depth and uniqueness to the space.

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This bright white modern kitchen is such a draw. Stacked so perfectly together, from every angle, the difference between so many layers … rendered so clear with every peek, we love every third corner.{found on iheartorganizing}.

8. This white barn home kitchen is such a breathtaking spot to utilize. The natural lighting and country atmosphere make it such a unique, fresh and stylish look. The lime green cabinets and cream-colored island make for such a refreshing contrast.{found on jhinteriordesign}.

9. This white kitchen and white cabinets is a beauty from my heart. I love the creamy whites and hazey-whites. It’s such a happy, positive space to be in.

10. This white barn kitchen is perfection. From the simple, sleek cabinets to the large stainless steel appliances, it’s the type of homey, well-homey space to start with.

The mid-century modern chairs, the eye-catching backsplash, the warm wood foundation and the light aqua tones – this barn house is such a beautiful place to be.

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