Quilt Display Piece: Stone Forest Collection

Quilt Display Piece: Stone Forest Collection

The Stone Forest collection is a series of very interesting pieces. The stone pieces are made from recycled broken slate stones. They look very dramatic and they give a sense of mystery and beauty to a home. They can also be used as utilitarian accessories. The Stone Forest collection impresses with the organic beauty offered by the stones and with the wonderful warm feeling that it offers and the great clarity of the shapes creating a very harmonious design.

Each of these pieces is unique and very different from each other. But this collection also impresses on other level as well. All the pieces from this collection have a very strong contrast of color tones like black and white except for the details. They all share a very clean and clear design throughout that allow function to become the main focus. These pieces are actually very versatile and they can be sued for lots of purposes, whether they’re washroom storage, bathroom storage, decoration for the walls or just a place that can be decorated and sued for a specific purpose.Available for $395.

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