Square Feet Visualizer With A Stylish Circular Form By Paperygrannis Associates

Square Feet Visualizer With A Stylish Circular Form By Paperygrannis Associates

Some areas in our house tend to present challenges because of their size, such as the way in which they are integrated into the structure of the home. However, when they are not limited to the immediate interiors of a room, additional space can be created visually, even without resorting to structural overload. In the case of the Square foot x X board design studio by Atelier d’Architecture&Design, the challenge was adding additional seating without sacrificing the functionality of that room.

The solution found to integrate the X board in the living room’s design was to create a series of concrete pockets which could be used to create different seating areas, creating different styles depending on the user’s immediate needs. The pockets allow the user to create individual pieces of furniture which would then be ready to be used. The square footage was increased significantly thanks to this clever design. Not only that, but the vertical line between the rooms is also beautifully maintained. The living area is one of the most wonderful spaces here, offering a soothing view of the adjacent fields through the glass walls and blending beautifully into them.

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A separate area with access to the garden is in the case of the children’s room. In here, a custom staircase structure connects it to the rest of the loft-style living spaces. The lack of railings and the glass doors only add to this effect. The décor and design are a harmonious combination of modern and rustic.

The loft space of the master bedroom share the same simple and well-balanced décor. Its inviting and relaxing look is given by the simplicity of the wooden floor that is still visible thanks to the framed pictures and the wall mirror that can also be seen in the mirror above the bunk bed.

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A few family members can use the bunkbed room no matter how old. This way it can be part of the living room’s design. In addition, some of the features found throughout the home can be reused in the case of an office or a dining room. This particular one is particular through the use of two recycled boards which can also be reused. A desk was also included in the design.

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