Studio Apartment Bathroom

Studio Apartment Bathroom

The bathroom is a space where you can relax and enjoy a long and relaxing bath. Not only that it is an important aspect of any home, but it is also known to be a social space, as many of us tend to work at a certain schedule too, for those who only have time to enjoy nice sights during work. In this case, the design and the décor must be appropriate for the activity that is not interrupted by unnecessary items.

In case it is also true for bathrooms, it is fitting to have a bathroom where you can enjoy a relaxing bath in a hot and nice cold shower, when the atmosphere is nice and you are not spending too much time in the bathroom. This photo proves it.

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The owners of this apartment proved to be spoiled just right when they decide to turn it into a relaxing space where they could spend quality time with their kids.

The bathroom is separated from the bedroom by some white curtain that keeps the room in the privacy of the room. Here, in this stylish modern home, the appearance of some vintage furniture does not interfere with its functionality but it keeps you company and enjoys your privacy.

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