Wendy Goodman Residence Renovated By Pears Design Associates

Wendy Goodman Residence Renovated By Pears Design Associates

This beautiful residence is located in shoulder Park, Brooklyn, New York City, USA and it was renovated by Pears Design Associates. The project manager was the owners of the house who wanted to turn it their own.

The owners really wanted to have itboat their home but didn’t really do so when they were in business. This means that they wanted their new home to look more like their old house and to be environmentally friendly. As a result, they decided to renovated the house and to also improve the interiors. The exterior of the house got a makeover and a new color was chosen: dark grey. This combination of colors suits the overall look of the house very well and makes it seem both cozy and elegant.

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The interior is surprisingly colorful and modern. The house got a new owner in July 2010. Moreover, the interior has been opened to the exterior. The rooms are airy and bright. The décor is based on bold and colorful elements and this makes it stand out and, at the same time, makes the house a great symbol for the neighborhood. The house got a brand new look transformed and it got a modern touch that it never before ever got. It’s a great place to call home. It’s not overly sophisticated and overly rustic but it still has a modern look.

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