Couch Depth – A New Sport For The Past 200 Years

Couch Depth – A New Sport For The Past 200 Years

Couch Depth – is this piece designed by Studio P for a remote-controlled remote cabin?Why, you may ask? We’ll here about it. This large, yet unconventional tentpole-inspired lounge cabin was designed to be perfect for reading, watching TV, or napping. The idea is that it lets you fall asleep comfortably and find your way back in the maze of your own memory while you’re up close and personal. With a latex canvas and a sliding door system, you’ll never have to leave. The canvas is easy to open and only comes in orange, blue, and white when finished.

What an ingenious idea from Studio P to be built out of a trailer, with sliding panels enclosing the decking so you can leave it behind or move it to another location. In the future, you may even plan to have two of these up there, one above the other, for a larger gathering space while you relax in your own personal gated cabin. With no space above you, this tent might just be a stylish sail for your sail, if you give it enough space. And if you’re a sleeper, you can always use the tent as a table.

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