Couch For Kids

Couch For Kids

When little kids are playing it, it’s a great idea to create a special soft surface that, besides being fun, is also friendly. Indeed, children find comfort about their little bodies and the fact that they can play on a soft surface also makes them more curious than their parents. This is why a soft surface, that is less likely to be used for playing, has the role of making the environment perfect for playing games. But the good news is that it can also be very useful for the kid, that is he will love to have some soft objects placed on it, for protecting his back.

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This is the cushioned support that makes this activity a pleasant one, as it gives the child the possibility to quiet down his favorite games by simply resting a place on the soft surface. The nest that is also very important for the child, is actually the place where he can play his latest game: puzzle. The nest is made of birch plywood and the lid is made of several pieces put together like puzzle pieces. The resemblance between these nesting pieces is made be complete.

However, the lid is not the only container for your kid’s toys. The reverse of this container is the one filled with his favorite feathers. The feathers are stored inside the box that is designed as a small transparent container. The lid has the chameleon pattern in lacquered steel and the lid has chrome-plated steel round holes.Available for $199.

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