Bungalo Kitchen With DIY Island And Table

Bungalo Kitchen With DIY Island And Table

This is the bongolo kitchen and it’s a very beautiful and very elegant piece of furniture. The great thing about this piece is that is offers you the possibility to choose from a variety of sizes. You can have a comfortable grill, or you can opt for a more casual version that offers the best of both worlds. You get the cooking corner, a stylish island with storage for all your tools and accessories and personal items or you can opt for a tall cabinet with drawers and spacious shelves and drawers for all your kitchen tools.

This bongoro kitchen is particularly functional because of its flexibility. It offers you plenty of counter space where you can cook all sorts of items such as meat, fish, fishy vegetables, vegetables and salads and you also get to enjoy all the comfort of your kitchen. Then it also has padded surfaces for a smooth and soft touch sensation.

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The bongoro is a very durable piece of furniture. It has a minimalist design that allows it to be mobile and to perform precise functions. The cooktop and the sink share the same counter. Appliances are also integrated to maximize the functionality of this kitchen.The counter has magnetic 315 glazed surfaces. It’s an extremely functional piece of furniture and also a great choice for small kitchens. The creative elements of the design allow it to be suitable for all types of kitchens.Available on site.

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