Indoor Outdoor Kitchen By Biglar Design

Indoor Outdoor Kitchen By Biglar Design

When you say outdoor you usually think of outdoors spaces, most especially at the summer season. This is the ideal definition of a dry season. It’s also the best time to have your outdoor spaces dry out just like you would on a freshly snowed place. That means it’s time to do some entertaining around your home, plus it also means having furniture that makes you comfortable is a must. So to avoid too many surfaces getting wet, decks, swings, or other things, we thought we would show you a beautiful indoor outdoor kitchen.

Designed by Biglar Design, this kitchen features a very beautiful lime green finish. The kitchen also has an open design for a bright and spacious look. Also, the picture above shows you exactly how it can be used. You can enjoy an intimate atmosphere with your family and friends around that beautiful lime green island. Not only that it looks very beautiful but the kitchen also has a very practical design.

Indoor Outdoor Kitchen By Biglar Design Photo 2
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The cooking area is very clean and simple. There’s a modern table near the coffee table and there’s a very functional storage with everything you need near you while cooking. There are also open shelves on which to keep all sorts of decorations. The whole kitchen has a very bright and inviting look. You can personalize it by choosing a color and a palette of materials that matches the rest of the house.

It’s a very beautiful kitchen, modern, elegant and inviting at the same time. It would make a very suitable environment for a family home, especially for those who spend most of their time in the living room. Just in case this kitchen even feels too small to accommodate everyone, you can always customize it yourself.

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