Noel Wells Feet The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Noel Wells Feet The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

When you’re living in a house, the kitchen is usually the part of the living room that needs to be in contact with nature. Still, this doesn’t mean you have to use appliances. There longs a very strong connection with the outdoors. For example, take a look at this kitchen. It uses natural materials like wood and stone and lots of vegetation. It has been built this way for sustainable and efficient use of the space.

Even though it’s technically an outdoor kitchen, it’s still used during summer and it;s in perfect conditions all year long. It’s sunny and very fresh and it also has a very fluid structure. That’s why the interior décor is not exactly very colorful or dynamic. The actual design is, however, that of a good kitchen. That’s mostly because it combines functionality with style in a very simple and casual way.

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The stone wall surrounding the pantry has a similar rustic and minimalist look and it makes the kitchen look very inviting and cozy. The kitchen is not overly big. Each square inch has been reduced to only ten square feet. The furniture already soars out from the kitchen. The island also has a great base that supports the 30-inch solid wood top. The chairs are extra long, perfect for snuggling in and relaxing. The atmosphere inside is very cozy and alluring.

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