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Muji House By Architect Show Coates:

Muji House By Architect Show Coates:

It is located on the eastern slopes of central Seattle, Washington, USA, and was designed in 2009 by Architect Show Coates. It is made up of four white powder coated steel pavilions, each with an interior space of 2,800 square feet.

The back yard is semicircular with the living room overlooking the south welcoming the winter sun. There are two low maintenance lighted swimming pools with views of Puget Sound and views of the Seattle skyline to be enjoyed from the master bedroom. A cherry wood decking leading from the deck is connected to the water surface.

The back yard is wide and square and there are few plants to feature, however potted plants are kept to a minimum with the kitchen offering seasonal or dried flowers to keep the weather from getting too cold.

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A ramp through the central green spiral track flanks the stairwell landing to the master suite which shares a double story wall with the kitchen box below. The kitchen is an island capable of accommodating two prep spaces with a space for a bar table.

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The kitchen is connected to a dining room located on the South side of the stairwell that leads to the upper floor. Upstairs in the private zone is occupied by two bedrooms each with their own ensuite and storage.

The kitchen is separated from the dining room with the area featuring a centrally located fireplace. The steel fireplace it’s featured in multiple angles. Each of the 4 corners of the central chimney is carved with small logs to create the look and feel of a camp fire. The complete design features a work of art including a small banquette and dining table for 10.

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All in all, the knotting at the wall by the staircase was to pay homage to the beauty that surrounds the home. A few moments of relaxation can be brought forth by this fire that melds with the fireplace in the dining zone.
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