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Income Restricted Housing By LEED Platinum

Income Restricted Housing By LEED Platinum

Single Family House Platinum is located in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile and was designed by LEED Platinum.

The home’s bright white walls and windows are the perfect finishing touch for its inviting interior.

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House Roof Topography

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The house is sloped upward, paying homage to its surroundings by letting natural and Watkinsong, the hill that is in the middle of the site rise up from the flat surface. The roof’s slope pays off the plan’s stability by channeling the visitor towards a back deck and stepping stone wall, upon whose return is followed by a spacious interior courtyard.

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A series of sliding partitions and cantilevered roof elements create varying degrees of privacy as the property slopes around a central courtyard, visually uniting the house to its surroundings.

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Inside, the prevailing palette of white walls and wood floors warm up the otherwise cool environment of the living space, with abundant natural light flooding into the room from the outer glass walls.

A small main staircase carried on wall connects the three levels of the house, but also gives access within its glass walls.

A small wooden deck extends outside the front door, providing a sheltered outdoor area for those that prefer a cool, relaxed atmosphere inside the house at all times.

The central living space is filled with comfortable furniture that’s more than comfortable due to its creative lighting system. A sprawling open space, it becomes a collection of cozy spots where a few smart spot lights and spot budgets can be 24h clear!

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Interiors boast a modern minimalist style. Decor throughout give off an understated, minimal vibe, while still complementing the home’s amazing views through wall-to-wall windows. A vast deck and its transparent infinity pool complete The home’s well being in the neighborhood of $6.25 million.

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