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Free Concrete Recycling From IKEA – Box

Free Concrete Recycling From IKEA – Box

The idea of making use of IKEA products instead of building new houses or building just temporary structures is a good idea, especially if the existing house is no longer suitable if the new owners are not completely satisfied with the former. So returning we are left with only the pleasure of reaching and sitting on a comfortable chair in front of your laptop, while you surf your web or doodle on your desktop, thinking something different. So IKEA flatrib furniture is the perfect place to make that happen.

The Box was a project by Hiroomuto, a Japanese based company that uses Japanese philosophy that according to Japanese tradition, called “o-tsugi”. This piece is very original, as it is inspired from the boxes made of nature. The earthly characteristics that it has, like chestnut branches, tea tree branches, fire logs and water logs, seemingly inspired the designers,HOK Two. Its materiality makes it obviously portable. This allows it to be situated anywhere in the house. This practical piece of wood is made of New Zealand pine, so naturally, it offers the option of saving space. The Box Canadian Desk is made of recyclable fiberboard and ply. Its fold also makes it easy to move from one room to another. This way, you can put it in the bedroom without having to climb a wall frame, but you’d still have plenty of room in the armoire.

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If you need a desk for two you can have both IKEA and a Queen size. This unit is made of recyclable fiberboard on two sides. The fold provides you with a surface that allows you to easily access the surface. If you would like to add an additional shelf for pegs or other small objects, you can use the top surface as a desk.

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Or you could save floor space and turn it into a storage unit for all the office supplies and any other items you might need. The piece is made of caston furniture legs, so it doesn’t get rustic look and is easy to clean. It’s an easily practical piece that can become your perfect desk.{found on site}.

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