Junior Chair By Arturo Alvarez Abiego

The Junior Chairs by Arturo Alvarez Abiego are a new concept, a chair that tries to bring Asia into the New millennium with its unique design. The chair was designed for the Beijing World Expo 2010 where it made a strong impression since it appeared. The beautiful thing about it is that it is a combination between modern and classical, and this is always a good choice. These chairs are very comfortable and have a strong base. They have no backrest, but they do have a lovely and round shape.

The extensions have beautiful curved silhouettes that create different hues using natural plant oils. They have an antique-chic look that gives them an edgy look. The set includes one trunk table, a table with 60 wine and champagne cups, 60 champagne cups, a matching vase and 60 champagne cups and 60 bottle seatcases. The set is now available only in vintage brass and with no special details or polish or silver. The cost for each item is $1,216.00.

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