Ikea Sconces By Joanna Roche

Ikea Sconces By Joanna Roche

The Scandinavian habit of building wooden houses and also sometimes of making them face towards different directions for their façade seems to be reflected in the way designers choose to decorate them. Let’s see how Zwarte and Joanna Roche have opted to interpret this concept in some unusual and beautiful ways. The beautiful thing about them is that they like the traditional Scandinavian houses a little more so that they feel closer to their surroundings. That’s all because they’ve invested a lot of time in creating unusual designs, like this beautiful Eames lounge chair for example.

The chair is made entirely of lightweight recyclable materials so you should know about that too. The designers are very ingenious. They try to make use of the elements of classical architecture and try to transpose the basics into a new and unfamiliar form. The chair is available in three dimensions: low, medium and large.

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All the products from the Ecorescope collection are eco-friendly and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The focus is on the nature and the environment, not on anything that could damage the wood but on the beauty of nature and its wonderful aspects. The beauty of a tree can’t be damaged so you’ll be able to use this chair with several years of expert help. It’s more than just a simple wooden chair. It’s also a sustainable piece with solar panels and a rainwater collection system that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone. The chair also features UV protection and LED lighting.

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