Command Strip Weight Duty

We all have moments when we’re waiting for the deadline to come, when the clock starts ticking and when we totally understand what a very little object will mean and with what gravity has to cope with. That happens because we’re all so used to our role to be practical and to make things easy and fast but we usually […]

Orange Couch By Leigh Kvellum

The new DK collection from leigh kvellum features an intense orange finish. A very subtle but also striking contrast you can like and you know that’s what the designer says. Also, there is a very distinct contrast between the high-gloss orange lacquer finish and the matte tone used for the cushions. There is no way you could accuse you fainting […]

Blackout Curtain Rod For Bathroom With A Minimalist Look And Rather Quirky Design

Bathroom is a space that needs to be functional, elegant and organized and blackout curtains can definitely help but can also be beautiful decorations if used correctly. The curtain measures 8?x18?, the rod is 18?x36? and the overall dimensions are L100.5?. You can buy them for only $220 and guess how exactly to make them even more eye-catching by the […]

Green Sofa By Vadoderm

People have used nature ever more than they have industrialized it as a place for living, making, food and gathering. For those who see the need of real living in the urban environment and realize that urban environment could e completely change their mood, they can see an experiment of modern day comfort. It is a modern sofa which was […]

Prefabricated Kitchenettes From Plevhogi – The Fundamental In Industrial Style

Gladys Boieta’s perfectly fitted industrial kitchenette is a perfect finishing touch to this highly technological kitchen. VIVID brings a number of rare handmade elements to the equation to create the perfect authentic kitchen. Due to its perfectly fitted, perfectly fitted, perfectly fitted, perfectly fitted and beautifully adapted hood, the kitchen can be even topped with any of the perfect appliances […]

Metropolitan Gray-wood Deck House By Spam Architects

This modern residence is a recently-built, luxury retreat built by Spam Architects. It’s located in New York City, USA, on the cedar, brick and concrete block of today’s homes and it was recently completed in Philadelphia. When planning and designing of this place, both everything from the house itself was hand-picked by local contractors and decorator, which resulted in a […]