Sofa And Chair
Blu Dot Sofa By Studio Job

Blu Dot Sofa By Studio Job

As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, designing a living room has never been easier. You can do that with style and with comfort just by choosing the right pieces.Let’s start with this sofa. It’s a modern piece of furniture with a versatile design that lets you incorporate it in a variety of different decors and styles. It would fit beautifully in a modern or contemporary living room and it would make a great additional to the room that you have in mind.

So let’s see what else you could do to make your living room more comfortable and inviting. We really like the sofa that we found on Sugar & Cloth. Instead of having several pieces put together just to save space, you can have them custom made to perfectly fit together like puzzle pieces. Paint the sofa black and then use bright colors to make the design stand out.

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The area rug placed on the coffee table may not actually look like a puzzle but it’s definitely eye-catching and beautiful. It features tones of flamingo brown and it really looks like a miniature scene. The themed pillows definitely give it character, although the whole situation is rather unusual. {found on Revlyn Designs}.

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The stack of chairs that currently occupy the area of the sofa are definitely interesting. However, there’s one piece that we don’t really like as much as we like: the coffee table. It’s a true piece and it should be well designed. As creative as it may be, there are a few things that should keep the chairs separate and the solution for that problem is related to privacy. It’s why a garden sofa or a couch with a transparent bottom is perfect.

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Some sofas don’t let you do anything about this. They let loose the light and everything is organized perfectly and they usually hide extra cushions or extra pillows. It’s a piece that can’t go unnoticed, let alone by itself. In case you’re wondering how you could do that, we’re here to tell you how.

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