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Ikea Rigga Simple Decorative Medieval Wooden Chair

Ikea Rigga Simple Decorative Medieval Wooden Chair

As soon as I saw this chair designed by Anastasia Oeuf, I just couldn’t take my eyes off it, as I would never imagine something like this to ever happen to a chair. Now, I have never imagined something like this, except a medieval castle, of course. So I was really curious as i was expecting an unveiling at the fair with a similar wooden chair.

Now, this is something that could never go out of style, ever since it seems to have been in some way inspired by the ? Tonbridge chair. First, I must admit that the design of the chair is really interesting and beautiful. It seems like a sturdy and very familiar combination, the kind that we usually see in royal castles where the details r combined in a very specific design. Nevertheless, the chair is relatively new, as it celebrates the best tradition by being taken down and pushed aside. That is why it has remained almost unchanged.

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As the last two chairs were designed in remarkable minimalist style, I am not sure that this is the final product. The chair is innovative, yet simple enough to be used in principle, yet fashionable, elegant, simple yet modern, it is the perfect combination and it seems to be the key to the whole royal combination between tradition and contemporary design, or to the best effect of tradition that every design brings, like in the case of the Eames wire chairs by Eero Saarinen. The wood of the wooden frame and strong but delicate and resistant, this chair is the key.

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