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Spindle Chair

Spindle Chair

Blind beds are usually small and only have two sleeping mattresses, a mattress and thin frames. I find them particularly interesting because they are almost always filled with some pillows and they look like blind blocks. They offer the comfort that a bed must offer and I admit it looks a little creepy, especially when the curtains are all drawn in such a way. However, these beds are great as decorations for an elegant home. I personally find the shape rather creepy, but that’s mostly because of the designer’s talent and sense of style.

This spindle chair is perfect for an interior design. It’s extremely comfortable and chic. The dimensions of this piece are 21?w x 23?d x 18?h, which is actually not a number but a standard 8’’ bed. It has a dark brown tone and the light wood is not the only one that color. The dimensions of this original chair are 500 mm width, 250 mm depth and #1. You can buy it for EUR 724.91. It is very easy to assemble and offers multiple accessories that make it perfect for different interior decors. Because of the soft leather finish, the chair will naturally become a focal point of your décor.

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