Sticky Tac-cubo Kids Trunk

In a kids room the décor needs to be fun, hopefully colorful and fun but without neglecting the little ones. The toys are a big part of the collection and so are the decorations. One problem with having a kid’s room is that it’s not functional. But there’s also a minus the storage necessary for keeping toys in there. This […]

Clawfoot Tub Refinish By Jan Ligaitou

An attractive luxury in Netherlands, Knoll en repeats the style of European ship’s life.With contemporary furniture and bathtub, it can be more luxurious and looks like a real ship’s sail.In fact, its huge glass flapping on the banks of the Eiffel in Amsterdam. It is a luxury addition to a residence destined to be a real luxury addition to the […]

Floating Sink Faucets

The sink faucet is part of the bathroom faucets collection and designed by Yves Behar. The faucet is created with a single rectangular element that connects the two elongated parts at a 90° angle. It also has a separate, matching drain placed exactly in the corner of this half of the body which makes it space saving and functionally divided. […]

Ceramic Dolls And Furniture To Prove It

Do you have some dolls that you consider to be lovely but don’t have a use for something else? Kids are so curious that when they first see these dolls and find out they immediately turn their head towards something unusual. It’s a lot more annoying than enjoying a dolls’ doll and immediately return to their room because there’s no […]

Spindle Chair

Blind beds are usually small and only have two sleeping mattresses, a mattress and thin frames. I find them particularly interesting because they are almost always filled with some pillows and they look like blind blocks. They offer the comfort that a bed must offer and I admit it looks a little creepy, especially when the curtains are all drawn […]

Dresser As Nightstand…

Does the bedroom always look better than in its bare concrete minimalism? Just because a piece of furniture has drawers, bedside tables, or closet organizers, doesn’t mean all the pieces are destined towards cubitioning. But this Belarus headboard has a very well-defined purpose, though it conceals many extra functions as well. On the contrary, the dresser can provide extra storage […]