Dark Green Sofa By Perri

I don’t know why, but I like the atmosphere of a city villa: everywhere you look there are the crowds, the people, the noise and the agitation. If you are lucky, you will be in a large building with many offices, shops and other public places, but an appropriate place for a young person, who loves the city. I like […]

Shelves Over Windows – Loft Space In Stockholm

At first, this may seem like a very unconventional and odd design but it’s actually exactly what makes it stand out. This is the 1-bedroom apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden. The apartment is currently on the market at the price of 9,ica. It’s situated in a building that dates back to 1963. Even though it’s quite small, the apartment has […]

Nordic Decor In Stockholm At The Forefront Of Design

Think modern, minimalist, neutral, clean and bright, we’re here to show you one of the most beautiful spaces, Stockholm’s city centre. And it’s no wonder when such spaces are accompanied by the theme of “the home,” a habitat for the heads of family – rich, deep colors and carefully picked decor elements, nestled among a collection of carefully curated prints […]

Dining Room Couch With Integrated Seat

Living too long an hour in a sofa – do you sleep over a heart shaped lounge chair you don’t really need? If you do, you’ll have to learn how to be extra careful when it comes about. What is the right size? How about you know where to rest your head? When you’ve laid your head andsed on the […]

Rugs On Carpet By Giles & Co

Everybody uses a lot of things when decorating his or her home. There are coat stands, shelves, shoe racks, even coffee bean disposers. There are a lot of items that you need around you in the morning or that you need to arrange in the cabinet only in those cases. There are even bags with covers on the top of […]