Roar + Rabbit-adorned House In New York

This extraordinary New York house was built by John Shaw Architect in 2008. And he kept it simple, without many decorative accessories and without furniture. Well, I think he did a great job and we should all do that in the same time. Located in New York, this wonderful two story house has been designed keeping in mind industrial details […]

Renting Artwork Online For Cheap

If you think you’d fall mad at the idea of buying artwork online for cheap, you’re not right. There are plenty of creative people who finally managed to buy a real piece of artwork online. This company is called subsafrplace. They take the photos offered by their clients and then make said artwork to fit in. One of their creations […]

Witch Bedroom Headboards With A Paint

You don’t have to be a witch to be a good magDM or to do some good by buying good Halloween decorations. For example, the headboard is a piece that can give personality to a space and makes it really inviting and fun to decorate. Still, let’s see how such a design would look like. Let’s first check out a […]

Modern Dog Crate By Marjan Van Aubel

Australian designer Marjan van Aubel has created a series of contemporary pet furniture projects. You can find inspiration here from Homedit, since this is a coffee table and storage unit for a standard modern home. This is the DIY dog crate, and it’s a design that seems pretty simple, but functional and sturdy. The legs that support these structures represent […]

Chambres De Bonne By L’Architectuur

Chambres de bonne is a project located in Malissa, Italy and completed in 2012 by L’Architectuur. The home has stunning views over the city, and a lush interior. Chambres de bonne by L’Architectuur: “Marble walls, original marble in wood and modern office/living room in Bonne that can even dry up the building’s air temperature during the summer. Two major elements […]